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Gentle Fire Coaching
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Your Life Your Way

I help people transition from bumping through and reacting to their accidental life to living their life on purpose with intention, action, and accountability.


Your Life On Purpose

Go from "I wish" to "I will!"

You did it!  You decided you have had enough of bumping around in your life, reacting and tip-toeing and failing to meet your own expectations while you cater to everyone else’s.  Yes! I celebrate this decision with you. 

But what now?

Now you get to figure out how to live YOUR life ON PURPOSE so that you don’t get to the end and realize that if you had just insisted on taking the mountain backpacking trip, or simply spoken up in the conference room, or lovingly told your partner what you really need, you would have been more successful at being you - the YOU you arrived in this world to BE until you were told you can’t, you shouldn’t, that’s not what a good mother/wife/employee/executive would do. 

Sack that!  The world is ready for YOU!  Bold, certain, confident, heard. Let’s figure out how to get you there.

Together we'll light a fire under your dreams.  The process starts with discovery of your values, your boundaries, what moves you and what stops you.  Next, we combine the right action with your body’s internal guidance so you can approach every day with aligned purpose and excitement, and live your life on purpose and on fire.   

And it will feel AMAZING!

Sound like just what you need? Let’s hone in on your dreams and goals, and light that fire for your Life on Purpose and live up to your best YOU. 

Get in touch today to see a beautiful view into your glorious future.


"If you are not in the process of becoming the person you want to be, you are automatically engaged in becoming the person you don't want to be."

Dale Carnegie

About Me

I am Shelly West, Body+Mind Centered Coach and Massage Therapist.  

I am also an artist, backpacker, cyclist, musician, and like to settle my bare feet in the grass most every morning.  

In 2011 I backpacked the Appalachian Trail, over 2000 miles from Georgia to Maine.  This journey taught me a great deal about life, and I noticed that life choices are like trail choices. And every choice holds consequence.  Perhaps the trail ahead is deep with mud - I could walk through it and get muddy boots and wet socks, or I could go through the thick grasses to my right where I saw a great snapping turtle a ways back, or I could carefully navigate the edge of the rocky ravine on my left.   There are no do-overs. So I decided to change careers and live my life on purpose.  

I wake every morning and smile as I review the clients on my schedule, knowing I have the honor of serving them today.  Understanding how the body knows what the next step is and how the next step feels is key to moving through life with intention and integrity.  I want to share this with you. 

Reach out to me with questions and we can discover what your next step is in this beautiful life. 


Connect with Shelly

Fill out the form to learn more about how you can transform your life.  We can jump on a call and see if we are a fit.

Email, text, or submit the form to your right. 

Milford, Ohio


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