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Massage Therapy

Focused Approach

Shelly’s approach to massage is both technical and perceptive, with the intention of finding the balance between corrective and relaxing bodywork. She does so by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the body's elemental key to rest and relaxation while using her knowledge of kinetic connection and anatomy to identify areas of chronic tension, especially in the neck, shoulders, low back and hips. She is able to assess pressure needs from light to very deep while still listening to the body and encouraging the mind body connection.

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90 Minute Massage


Concentrate on 1-2 focus areas plus rest of body massage

60 Minute Massage


Best for 1 focus area or full body relaxation

Chair Massage

3 hours - $350

Perfect for corporate events, employee appreciation days, customer appreciation days, bridal and baby showers, wedding day preparations. 
The price above includes travel within 20 miles of Milford, Ohio.

New Location: 73 Powhatton Drive, Milford Ohio

E-Gift Certificates Available

Pain Management by Design

I help people who are committed to personal wellness lift from chronic pain and tension so that
the other parts of life are met with ease and strength.

Address the Balance

Massage therapy is an ancient healing practice that uses skillful touch to help balance our bodies and enhance our wellbeing. Not just for people with injuries, massage helps our bodies fight off pain and tension caused by emotional stress, repetitive movement, overuse, disease, and even surgery or cancer treatment.

Massage does more than help you relax. It can help your body function and feel better in many beneficial ways, including:

  • Ease pain, tension, and stiffness you’re feeling

  • Increase your flexibility and range of motion

  • Improve the ability for nutrition and oxygen to reach all cells in your body, improving your metabolism

  • Encourage toxins and wastes that can “hide” in your cells and tissue to leave, helping prevent side effects such as illness, headaches, and more

  • Promote body awareness to help you have better self-control over your physical and emotional symptoms


That "After Massage" Feeling

Things I hear when my clients get off the table:
"I feel lighter all over."
"I can stand up straighter."
"I feel more stable."
"I'm definitely going to sleep better tonight."
"My shoulder works now."
"I feel so much more grounded."
"Now I can handle the kids."

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