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We CAN Build a New Life

We all go through life changes and challenges like parenthood, stale careers, lost love or a found love, geographical move, retirement, death of a close mate, aging. With these changes many of us struggle with how to start over and make the best of our new circumstances. We may feel scared, uhappy, or stuck.

Maybe you're scared it’s too late to start over.

Maybe you’ve acquired an education and established a career in a field you simply cannot stand or goes against your core principles. Or perhaps you feel stuck in your current job even though you see no means to move up, get promoted, or earn more.

Maybe your children have “left the nest” and you feel lost.

Maybe your marriage feels lonely and you want to move forward.

Truth is, the opportunities to do things we previously thought impossible are growing and expanding and so can you. You can explore the boundaries, which up until now you believe are built with bricks and which have no windows. A little secret, my friend. The boundaries have windows, and doors, and you can quietly explore what is on the other side.

All things are possible.

You are strong, determined, and fully capable of accepting the challenges to move from a life of circumstances to a life on purpose.

Let’s explore a little bit…

After several deep, comforting breaths get curious about these questions:

  1. What is one accomplishment in your life which you are proud of?

  2. What is one thing going on in your life right now that you are motivated to change?

  3. What is one roadblock/frustration/challenge standing in the way of this change?

  4. What is one small step you can take today to move you toward that goal?

  5. Now imagine we are talking six months from now and we are celebrating! What will we be celebrating in your life?

I hope this helps you see a glimpse of what IS possible in this beautiful life of yours.

With energy and wisdom of the Universe,


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