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Why I Love Supporting You

I'm Grateful

I am grateful for the trust you put in me to turn you toward comfort in your body and ease in your life.  Whether it’s been one time or a hundred, every time I see you on my schedule I smile.

I love helping people just like you

I love helping people feel better within and about themselves.  When you feel better physically you have ease in your mind.  When you have ease in your mind you have space for ease in your heart.  When you have ease in your heart everyone around you benefits.  

Being part of an easier world

When I get to help you feel better in your mind and body I have helped so many more people than you or I will ever know. That, my friend, is what juices me up!  When we part we both feel a little (or a lot) better.  Then, your interactions with your spouse, mother, child, dog, cat, co-worker, employee, supervisor, grocery clerk, etc. are lighter and easier.  Then, they pass that ease on to their circle, and so on.   


Thank you for letting me be a part of an easier world. 

Here are a few ways to work with me

  • Boundaries Workshops for your company (Lunch and learn style)

  • Personalized Coaching around setting and maintaining Boundaries

  • Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

  • Guest on your Podcast

Text or Call: 616-706-7689

See you soon!

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