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Your Spring

What does your spring feel like? What does it taste like? What colors bring you joy?

I am a root receiving water and warmth and sunshine. I am a shoot reaching toward the sun. I am a bud resisting within the fear of opening, then feeling joy as I burst open to feel the breeze and the buzz of a bee's wings.

Are you having a little trouble actually feeling spring? A thing you can do . . .

  • Make an appointment with yourself to go outside to a garden or yard with trees and plants.

  • Stand still and breathe deeply. On the second breath notice the scents of spring.

  • Feel a new leaf noticing the softness.

  • Feel the softness of the soil under your feet whether barefoot or with shoes.

  • Notice the quality of light and the weight and color of the clouds.

You have now touched spring. And it has touched you back.

With delight,


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