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Feeling Smaller and More Settled in my Light

The Waning Moon follows the full moon. This is a time when it feels as though the spotlight illuminates less of the moonscape. Does this allow us to notice more and look a little deeper? To see more detail?

The days after the Full Moon seem to be the perfect time for teaching and learning, and for refining process. The natural flow of the Waning Moon helps narrow the focus and clear the way for the following moon cycle and new beginnings.

One of the things I set out to do at the beginning of this cycle is to better my guitar skills. I decided to finally get around to putting some effort into it to learn how other people get the great sounds they get. What I have learned through this is to listen better and cut the velocity and volume. While narrowing the light I can feel more potential within the instrument, and within myself. This makes me smile.

What do you see when you narrow your focus?

With Love and Light,


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