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First Quarter Moon - outward and expanding

The sun and the moon are side by side now with half in the light and half in the dark.

Take notice of the shift from what is in front of us to what is in our future.

The first quarter moon is thought to be the stage of obstacles, being the pause in the lunar cycle, a time when challenges, decisions, and actions come into play. This energy wants you to spring forth and finish what needs to be done in order to make your dreams a reality. Notice your intentions and their obstacles.

I feel as though my dreams can come true while I stay on task and create. As I work through the feelings associated with obstacles - fear of not having the tools to complete things and concern over not knowing all I need to know - I take time out to contemplate and look at what I DO have in relation to what I still need to know. The coolest part of this is KNOWING I am driving into a life aligned with my desires.

When I hit a stopping point I stop. Seems appropriate, right? Like when walking through the woods and hearing a heavy rustle in the underbrush. Stop, assess, decide, and move forward. Decisions and associated actions seem much easier at this moon phase. I find myself dropping into that centered place within me to make decisions. I notice that I'm in the phase of stepping through what seemed hard just a week before and fully into forward motion based on intuition.

Are you feeling this forward motion too? Do you know that one next aligned step?

Step into the light and smile with me.


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