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Expanding our Intentions

Here we are in the waxing moon phase seeing more of the the crescent illuminated on the right side as the sun begins to move from behind the moon. This is a bit of a rebuilding phase where we clarify intentions, hopes, and desires for the coming month. It's a time to pay attention to what physical worldly obstacles are in your way, and find creative ways to get around them.

What that feels like to me is I notice a bit more light on my projects, and incidentally, on the messiness created in the flurry of excitement.

This morning I hold a bit of an anxious energy, noticing how many tasks I still want to accomplish around last week's explosive energy. Also feeling a little stretched in the possibility of getting it all done "on time". What the heck is on time? (that exploration rabbit hole is for another day) In order to set aside some of that anxious energy I took a breath, looked around, and did a little tidying up.

So... I had created three new projects and started rocking out on two of them last week. Then two new, short-term projects I've been hoping for landed in my lap. Oh goodness. Something has to be set on the back burner for another time.

In order to unclutter my mind and make space for clear thinking I cleaned up the flurry of books and papers and random socks and sweaters from my home office. Took a breath, then put the brushes and pencils and notebooks in order in my art space.

Took another breath, and realized I needed to do something which is NOT on my mental "get to do" list. So, I made a pot of soup. Here is where I breathe deeply and actually see into my next steps as though they were illuminated. For me, making soup feels a bit like meditation - washing, chopping, sautéing, stirring, simmering, and letting rest. Here is where I feel comfort in moving forward with purpose and design. In this small meditation is where I notice which project(s) bring me joy, and which are to be set aside for another time.

A little "get to do" list for this waxing phase of the moon:


Clarify intentions, hopes and desires for the coming weeks.

Look around at what is more messy than it needs to be. Put things away, or at least in organized piles to be addressed later in the day and week.

Delight in doing something quiet for yourself.

Make a pot of soup.


Now the anxious energy is settled which allows the light to shine on my next steps. It all makes more sense and holds more clarity.

Now I am curious - what is your "pot of soup"?

Love and light,


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