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Fully Illuminating Everything

It's here! The full moon is bright, expansive, fully lighting everything in that colorless and surreal light. Landscapes are mysterious and full of interesting shadows. It's light keeps me from fully sleeping so I can imagine all the odd things which othertimes do not seem possible.

In the daytime i feel a restlessness too. Like there is so much done and so much to be done and I want to complete everything, and at the same time I want to bask in the fullness of everything done.

The full moon shows us its beautiful light when the moon and the sun are on opposite sides of the earth so that the sun illuminates the entire moon. Interestingly, though, because the sun and moon are on opposite sides we often feel a bit of electricity and more intense emotional and polarizing energy. Kinda feels like everything, including our emotions, is in full view, eh?

What I am doing:

I'm listening to the nervous energy I'm feeling about unfinished details and letting that go for today. I'm laying myself down in the grass to gaze at the clouds and the tops of the trees. This is a good time to reflect upon and amplify what is working for you. It also may be a great time to recommit to the projects started at the new moon. It might not be the best time to have a difficult conversation with your sister or to take on new projects.

Do you feel a restlessness too? Breathe and know you are not alone. Breathe and settle yourself. Breathe and look up in wonder at the reflection of the sun.

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